Arms of an Angel

One of the most touching experiences we’ve had making these pieces for our clients was for this set of Mala beads specifically. 

Over a year ago, I met this beautiful woman who immediately saw me in an interview and reached out. From that point on, her support and desire to better herself, lead to helping me with my New Moon Ritual, learning Reiki from our counterpart of Platinum Light Healing (aka Dad & Husband to us), and even taking the program I teach with my husband, Energetic Foundations. She moved through both of the programs my husband teaches, and little did we know, a year later this would be the piece that helped her and brought her comfort during and after the passing of her Mother.

After having her custom Mala, her mother loved the way the beads felt in her hands and would always take the New Moon bracelets right off her daughter’s hands. So I felt called to create one for her mother as she was in her last stages of life, like I did my late father in-law almost 2 years ago. This piece was so personal, and so moving to create because as these are full of energy, so are we, and the essence of them is spiritual. So is the transition of us as we pass on. Death sometimes can be a most honorable experience, yet our society has created a stigma around death. Being the one who was with my grandmother at 14 when she passed, and with my mother 4 years ago, I can tell you how much I honor that memory. 

Mala beads are more than just for your Spiritual journey now, but can be that piece that helps someone transition to the other side.


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