Stop Playing Small: Message For New Moon of December 2022

New Moon in capricorn december 2022

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New Moons bring fresh starts – and this time the universe has a loud and clear message for you. Are you going to listen?

A circle has been completed and a new lunation has been set afoot. With the Mars Retrograde jarring the New Year-New You energies of 2023, the universe has laid a red carpet for you to don your Get-Set-Go outfit and achieve your dreams. Of course, with the energy of the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn at its helm.

Let’s explore the astral climate for this lunation and some crystals that can go a long way in manifesting your deep desires for the New Moon of December 2022.


The Astrology For the New Moon of December 2023 

La Luna peaks the Capricorn skies along with Mercury, Venus, and Pluto and shakes hands with the sun in the center. This is peculiar, because the arrangement of the planets in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, brings strong focus and motivation toward your goals. 

So, expect cosmic nudges to take inspired action toward tangible accomplishments like awards and recognition, while also concentrating on a coherent structure, foundation, and method to achieve them. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of the New Moon in Capricorn 

New Moons bring a revamped outlook to life, and their occurrence in the industrious earth sign of Capricorn is its signal to pursue a revamped attitude toward your goals. 

The intentions you had set with an Archer-like focus from the New Moon in Sagittarius will now push you to work hard for them. The goals illuminate your path of genius, which married with an enterprising Capricorn will empower it to manifest in the reality.

When the grind gets real, it pushes you to break away from the motionless mold you had tucked yourself in – toward a reality where you are taking audacious steps to become the bigger, better, and more brilliant version of yourself. No more hiding under the shadows, it’s time to bask in the glory of the winter sun, and manifest your wildest dreams. 

Crystals To Aid Your Manifestations 

As we know, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is ruled by Saturn. Wondering what crystals will help you conjure your wildest dreams to life? Here are my fav four: 

1) Howlite: 

With hefty goals come hefty stress (at least till you find the alignment). With howlite, watch your stress levels dip drastically as your mind breaks free from the shackles it had bound itself in.


2) Smokey Quartz: 

Don’t let the “smokey” in its name faze you into thinking that it’s some kind of an obscure stone that probably has no deeper benefit. It’s anything but THAT. Smokey quartz is highly potent in obliterating the “brain fog” that shrouds you as anxious thoughts grab you by the neck and scare you. It grounds you and helps you process your emotions thoroughly.

smoky quartz

3) Onyx: 

Seeking direction? Mastery? Confidence? Killer decision-making skills? Onyx has got you all covered. The pitch-black stone endows you with clarity of vision and the inner strength to go have it all. 

onyx crystal

4) Garnet: 

Last but not the least, we cannot forget about the birthstone of the zodiac, right? Garnet is for all the strong-willed, grounded G.O.A.Ts out there who are ready to have the best seasons of their lives! 


All in all, expect breakthroughs, mind-boggling answers, and illuminated paths because it’s time to move away from playing small and believing in your power of you.


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