Circle of Life

If you’re in a period of flux now, with emotional endings, charting your way to new beginnings, we’ve got something that can make life transitions easier. 

This handcrafted mala by Jupiter Meridian comes infused with powerful stones such as:

✨ Amethyst as “Nature’s tranquilizer”.

✨ Citrine as “Merchant’s stone” meant for abundance.

✨ Fluorite to increase positivity during these trying times.

✨ Angelite to de-stress and bring calmness.

✨ Labradorite as the stone for transformation.

✨ Rhodonite as the balancer of emotions.

✨ Moonstone to embrace new beginnings.

✨ Apatite as the stone of manifestation. 

✨ Snowflake Obsidian to eliminate “wrong thinking”.

✨ Lepidolite for inviting Higher Self to guide this change.


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