Clarity & highest Authentic Self

Who are we, underneath our deepest insecurities and craziest hopes and aspirations? What does our ideal self look like? If you’ve ever found yourself bogged down by such preoccupations, then our “Clarity and Highest Authentic Self” mala is meant for you. In order to ground you to find clarity in vision, we’ve used amazonite, a stone known for its soothing effect. To shield the user from the negative and mild-altering energies, we’ve utilized amethyst. It is also effective in maintaining a balanced mindset. The stress that comes with such self-absorption is soothed by the use of Flourite in the mala. Positivity and coordination are things flourite is known to activate. While the quartz works to withdraw pessimism and calm overthinking tendencies, howlite helps the user attune to their inner emotions and feelings. Rhodonite, selenite, and smoky quartz bring refinement, and courage and dissolves doubts around following the inner path.


  • This package is meant to put you in touch with your most authentic, highest self.
  • It has amazonite, which is said to possess soothing energy.
  • Amethyst is a protector against negative energy.
  • Flourite neutralizes negative vibrations and builds confidence in one’s decision-making skills.
  • By clearing one’s mind, quartz amplifies energy.
  • Howlite helps to subsume ill feelings surrounding the emotional health of a person.
  • Rhodonite cultivates calmness and self-confidence in the user.
  • Selenite is a spirit-elevating crystal that promotes connection with one’s inner self.
  • Smoky quartz balances the root chakra and promotes inner stability.


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