Distant Reiki/Energy Healing

The journey to healing is very personal and vulnerable. It can become very isolating when we become aware we’re in need of healing. As you move forward it can feel like your life at a standstill. Our “Distant Reiki/Energy Healing” sessions are designed to address the many roadblocks that come up throughout this path. Each session is 45-60 mins long.

As the conduit of Source Energy, Janette guides the session from her space, and you will lie in the comfort of your home, sometimes it’s best right before bed as this time our bodies are in the best for receiving healing. You can experience energies moving through you, walking you through the unknown, unraveling your deepest wounds, and offering the Universal Source energy to help you work it out gently.

Following the session you will debrief the following day to discuss both of your experiences to help facilitate the nexts steps of your healing.

Janette is a Crystal Reiki Master who has helped many navigate their healing journey, freeing them from the shadows that bound their inner light. These sessions are meant to be remote, as per your convenience.

Let us help you cultivate your inner peace and help you with the re-emerging of yourself and come back into connection to Source.

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