Loving & Healing Journey

For those feeling lost in the sands of time and wanting to find refuge within their own love, the “Loving and Healing Journey” bracelet is for you. The journey back home is treacherous but it’s doable and this bracelet will see to that. With aquamarine, mental stress is released from the user. A gentle, loving connection is established with self through the chrysocolla of the bracelet; and the heart chakra finds a beautiful bloom with the rose quartz. Rhodonite nurtures more endearment and helps deal with past wounds that may surface in this journey.


  • Meant for the ones looking to cultivate self-love and healing.
  • Aquamarine restores balance to the user’s life.
  • Chrysocolla purges negative energies and establishes soothing ones.
  • Rose quartz fosters unconditional love with self.
  • Rhodonite is effective in moving past emotional pain.


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