New Moon Capricorn Bracelet

To inspire those cosmic nudges to take actions, we’ve handcrafted the New Moon in Capricorn bracelet which is a beautiful beaded bracelet that captures the astral allure from the New Moon in Capricorn.

This New Design for 2023 is a primarily frosted/matte stones (ie not polished) plus we added crescent 🌙 moon at the halfway mark of each bracelet. We’ve also primarily used the smaller beads so there are between 27-30 like the Moon cycle. So, yeah, these bracelets are well thought out ! The following stones have been crafted to make this magical accessory:

❇️Howlite: as a stress buster, for when the goals seem out of reach.

❇️Smokey Quartz: to ward that brain fog off, to inspire clarity of thoughts.

❇️Onyx: to give you the courage to after your wildest dreams.

❇️Garnet: to bring our the strong-willed, go-getter G.O.A.T in you with the deep, passionate red that’s almost black to the naked eyes! (Say whaat!)

Use it for your meditation practice, or wear it with you at all times to become the walking receiver of all divine signals that are so amped up for the Capricorn season.


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