Peace Wisdom & Productive

Life, with its curveballs, sometimes sends us reeling under mammoth pressure. Disturbed inner peace is an inevitable consequence of such an occurrence. Hence, the “Peace, Wisdom, and Productive Mala”. The mala comes with aquamarine which is known for bringing stability to the mental and emotional realms of the user. The “supreme nurturer” stone or Jasper used, soaks up the negative energies and grounds the yin and yang of the user. The turquoise so used also doubles up on the functions of absorbing low-vibrational energies and solidifies good luck. All in all, the mala is focused on giving you back the long-lost peace and inner tranquility that had gone haywire due to the trials of life.

Features :

  • Package for bringing inner peace.
  • Aquamarine power to balance, stabilize and adjust the emotional state of the user.
  • Aquamarine inculcates affectionate and selfless energy.
  • Jasper is meant for auric cleansing.
  • It clears negative energy and cultivates self-accountability.
  • Turquoise hauls positive energy.
  • It also boosts mood and improves relationships.
  • Mala helps in grounding practices such as meditation.


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