Peaceful Love Joy & Abundance

The “Peaceful Love, Joy, And Abundance” bracelet brings much-needed courage to user and activates their inner power. Amazonite and howlite are known for their soothing effect and fruitful in blocking negative thoughts. Citrine is the “success stone” that charts personal growth and solidifies inner intent. While the Lava Stone is an auric cleanser, the aquamarine is responsible for restoring balance into their lives. All in all, the bracelet enhances protective energies around the user by also incorporating azurite-malachite, which is notable for the same.


  • The bracelet is to help ground the user.
  • It aligns the user with joyful, loving, and abundant energies.
  • Amazonite is known for its soothing effects.
  • Howlite purges negative energies and brings calmness.
  • Citrine augments personal successes.
  • Lava stone brings courage and strength.
  • Aquamarine frees the user from mental stress.
  • Azurite-malachite hauls freshness to user’s perspectives and makes them more optimistic.


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