Release Protect Love & Align

Love, to say the least, is complicated. However, when it begins to rupture the inner fabric of your mental peace, it is indeed very difficult to handle. So, to align your amorous energy with your loved one and to release the tension and strain in your relationships, we bring you the “Release, Protect Love And Align” mala. The mala has been intricately designed to expel any negativity persisting in the relationships by first using amazonite, which is known for its soothing properties. The graceful aquamarine then cultivates affectionate and selfless energy to enable a tranquil in your relationships. The ethereal green of adventurine inculcates trustworthiness and helps you weather testing times. The howlite absorbs negativity and helps in cultivating patience. Finally, the mala brings in the most loving energies by using smoky quartz, a beautiful crystal with the ability to support the root chakra and strengthen overall balance in life.


  • The package aims to cultivate love and alignment in relationships.
  • Comes with amazonite, known for driving out negative energies 
  • It also helps in healing emotional wounds.
  • Adventurine brings in honesty and trust.
  • Aquamarine ushers more love and peace.
  • Howlite also helps in dispelling negative energies.
  • It also makes the user more calm and tolerant.
  • Smoky quartz stabilizes all the other aspects of life.
  • Mala drives in love, luck, and mindfulness.


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