Transformation Perseverance & Acceptance

The periods of transformations in the entirety of our lives can be jarring, uncomfortable, and scary even though they prepare us for something bigger and better in our lives. To sail through these uncertain and mysterious times and to ground you with more confidence, we bring you the “Transformation, Perseverance, and Acceptance” mala. The mala ushers in the clarifying energies of howlite and make one aligned with the constructive forces of their lives. Jasper used in the piece brings relaxation and contentment. The gorgeous citrine augments personal power by the multitude and focuses the intent of the user. Your luck is protected and magnified by the labradorite and pristine lapiz lazuli surges one’s creativity and alignment with high vibrational energies. The mala becomes an ultimate go-to for credence and determination by incorporating the tiger’s eye, which shores up the focus of the mind.


  • The package is aimed at providing you with the self-confidence to deal with uncertainty in life. 
  • Howlite dispels negative energy and makes one more patient.
  • Jasper helps in cleansing the aura and eases winding down.
  • Citrine balances the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra.
  • Labradorite is magnetic for good luck and higher vibrations for better wisdom.
  • Lapiz Lazuli gives a boost to positive inner dialogue and self-love.
  • Tiger Eye increases stamina, concentration, and self-belief.


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