Grounding & Transformation

Transformations can be unnerving, to say the very least. They are often uncomfortable to prepare the soul to chart its higher anticipated journeys. The “Grounding and Transformation” bracelet is the perfect guide for those undergoing such huge changes. The bracelet contains black sandalwood makes the user aligned with their highest selves. Labradorite helps the user uncover their inner purpose and gives them the strength to walk on this journey. Pyrite is the “Fool’s Gold”, which offers the user more courage and willpower to make incredible personal changes. Snowflake obsidian grounds the user and brings stability in these turbulent times. Finally, Tiger’s Eye is the ultimate crystal for endowing immense strength to the user. 


  • For anyone undergoing multiple transformational changes.
  • Black sandalwood makes the user relaxed and stimulates awareness.
  • Labradorite endows the user with a sense of joy and enthusiasm.
  • Pyrite showers the user with an abundance of courage and knowledge.
  • Snowflake obsidian releases mental stress.
  • Tiger’s Eye builds patience and courage in the user.


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