Grounding Courage & Protection

This bracelet wards off negative energies around the user and endows them with courage and strength to meet the challenges of life with utmost determination. The Tiger’s Eye used in the piece sees to that since it brings much-needed balance and ameliorates any anxiety. It is a highly positive crystal that solidifies one’s self-worth and self-assurance. The smoky quartz, on a similar note, aligns the user with high vibrational energies and dispels fears blocking the user’s intuition. Lastly, obsidian is a powerful auric cleanser and shields the user against obstructive energies. All in all, the “Grounding Courage and Protection” bracelet comes at the benefit of anyone looking to ground themselves and seeking a refuge of constructive energies.


  • Meant for users with apprehensions surrounding their well-being
  • Powerful meditation tool
  • Tiger’s eye promotes self-confidence
  • Smoky quartz brings positivity
  • Obsidian purges negativity and grounds the user


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