Healing from Within with Jazmine

Do you feel like you’ve been dragging yourself along purposelessly through life’s challenges? Do you feel drained and hollow from within? If you do feel like a rudderless ship in the ocean, “Healing From Within With Jazmine” mala might help you feel less alone and defeated. The mala purges out negative energies from within by making use of citrine. Clear Quartz further clears blocked energy and brings a much-needed tranquil to the user’s life. Rose quartz stimulates feelings of joy and helps recover a weathered heart. Smoky quartz balances the root chakra, a disturbance to which creates a feeling of imbalance in life. Turquoise further amplifies high vibrational energies in and around the user.


  • This mala is for anyone feeling lost, drained, and empty from within.
  • It helps to heal energies and restore inner balance.
  • Citrine is a clarifying crystal, which removes low-vibrational energies.
  • Clear quartz increases the power of manifestation by bringing positive energy.
  • Rose quartz ushers feelings of thrill and serenity.
  • Smoky quartz restores an overall balance.
  • Turquoise drives more positive energies.


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