All-round development is something we all aspire for but find incredibly difficult to cultivate. The “Health, Peace, Prosperity Alignment” mala is designed to help you achieve this insurmountable goal of inner peace, security, and welfare. It is powered by Flourite which invites you to delve deeper into your conscience and bring out your inner truth. A known aura cleanser, Flourite also levels up your intellect and helps you make solidifying decisions. The black obsidian shields you against negativity and purifies your vision. The mala also comes with pyrite, which removes any blockages for personal success and nurtures strength, willpower, and confidence.

Further, sodalite surges one’s intuition and ushers in mental clarity. The mala is the solution for personal empowerment and growth as it also infuses the protective and high vibrational energies of Tiger’s Eye.


  • The product is an all-inclusive remedy for health, peace, and prosperity.
  • Flourite promotes truth and consciousness.
  • It grounds energy to enhance positivity and balance.
  • Obsidian sparks precognition and intuition.
  • It is a strong psychic protection stone.
  • Pyrite, the “Fool’s Gold” cultivates abundance and wealth.
  • It sparks the yang fire energy.
  • Sodalite infuses strong optimistic energy to overcome negative thinking.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a grounding crystal to enhance meditative practices.


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