Loving, Calm Communication

Our aura often gets tainted with energies we don’t like to incorporate, eventually spilling into our valuable relationships. This piece is directed at bringing back the peace by using amazonite, known for its calming energy. While the ethereal aquamarine restores balance, the quintessential howlite eliminates rage and eases communication. Finally, the mala infuses healing love and compassion by using rhodonite.

Benefits and features of the Mala:

  • Amazonite is known for its soothing properties.
  • Amazonite, with its bluish-green shade, is also known as the “Hope Stone”.
  • Ingenuity, love, and trustworthiness seem to follow Amazonite.
  • Aquamarine has the power to balance, stabilize and adjust the emotional state of the user.
  • Aquamarine inculcates affectionate and selfless energy.
  • Howlite cultivates patience.
  • Howlite heightens awareness.
  • Rhodonite balances emotions and brings clarity to the heart space.
  • All in all, a tool to foster love in any relationship.


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