Peace Tranquility & Growth

The ruckus of life has left us all drained, disheveled and irritated. Looking to bring back that oh-so-precious peace? Then this mala is for you. First, the astute selenite gives a deep clean to the energy space you have trapped yourself into. The amazonite further soothes tension and stress. While the purple of amethyst naturally infuses tranquility, the aquamarine calms down the inner turbulence. All of this is tied together by the quintessential howlite, which absorbs negativity and helps in cultivating patience. 

Benefits and features of this Mala:

  • Selenite promotes a deep-clean in the energy space.
  • It is a very popular crystal used for meditation.
  • Amazonite is known for bringing in ingenuity, love, and trustworthiness.
  • It is the “Hope Stone”.
  • Amethyst brings clarity to vision and goals.
  • It promotes creativity.
  • Howlite promotes patience and serenity.
  • A leveled and peaceful life seems to follow with this mala.


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