Unravelling the Unravelled

Let’s unravel your inner creativity, strength, peace, and power with the “Unravelling the Unravelled” bracelet. No more hiding your truest, most beautiful self under the rug; this bracelet gives you the confidence to uncover it all. The hair quartz augments mental clarity and ushers emotional stability. Howlite purges the user of low-vibrational energies and unleashes creativity. With moonstone, self-healing is forged and inner peace is restored. Rose quartz clears up the heart chakra and selenite acts as an auric cleanser which brings more connectivity to the user. Finally, this bracelet’s uniqueness is established by the rudraksha, which is the ultimate shield against vile energies. 


  • Hair quartz is for protecting the manifestations. 
  • Howlite is known for its soothing energy.
  • It also nourishes artistic expression.
  • Moonstone helps to amplify positivity and peace of mind. 
  • Rose quartz inspires compassion and love into oneself.
  • Selenite clears blocked energies.
  • Rudraksha is an overall protective stone.
  • For anyone seeking to unleash their full potential.


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