Peaceful Mind & Healthy Body

The “Peaceful Mind And Healthy Body Bracelet” gives the user the overall strength to meet any challenges threatening the calm of mind, spirit, and body. Amethyst soothes the bodily and mental anxieties and snowflake obsidian provides balance to self. Black tourmaline increases motivation and is an effective grounding crystal. Chrysocolla is a gentle crystal meant for softening emotions and tide through uneven thoughts. Jasper restores the yin-yang balance and helps deal with stress constructively.


  • The bracelet is for bringing tranquil in all aspects of life.
  • Black tourmaline purges negativity and gives protection against them. 
  • Chrysocolla gives the user mental peace.
  • Jasper is an auric cleanser and brings wholeness.
  • Amethyst is known for tranquilizing effects on the user.
  • Snowflake obsidian dispels negative thinking. 


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