Soothing Abundance

We’re always on the lookout for prosperity which is sustainable all the same. But we get off track with numerous options and end up being confused. This puts our financial security at risk, and ultimately affects our mental well-being. Which is why, we have brought you the “Soothing Abundance” bracelet. With citrine, the bracelet purges negativity and amplifies personal power. Howlite provides a soothing effect to afterthoughts and eases overthinking tendencies. Lava stone stimulates more positivity and safety in one’s life. This bracelet makes you sure of yourself, to stand and reign in your inner strength for abundance.


  • This package is for anybody looking to ease tensions and financial insecurities.
  • Lava stone has a tranquilizing effect on negative thoughts.
  • Howlite brings high vibrational energies aligned with growth and prosperity.
  • Citrine is the “success stone” that charts personal growth and intent.


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