Strength of a Lion

Something that we all aspire for is unbounded confidence and strength. Leo, the ruler of the celestial jungle, represents just that. For those looking to imbibe the courageous, strong, and powerful energy of the king of the zodiacs, our “Strength of a lion”  bracelet will help you with that. The bracelet has been handcrafted and contains energized crystals such as matte onyx which is known for ushering in self-confidence and willpower. The Tiger’s Eye is a clarifying crystal that purges negative energy and builds confidence, strength, and self-worth. The bracelet also helps in balancing the yin-yang of the user, helping them to achieve their highest potential with the use of rhodonite and sunstone. Lastly, the bracelet is anchored by tourmaline, which dissolves any residual negativity, pushing the user closer to their most fulfilling self.


  • The bracelet helps build confidence and overall positivity.
  • It imbibes the energy of Leo, the king of the zodiacs.
  • Matte onyx anchors responsibility and self-assurance in the user.
  • It is potent in infusing passion in life.
  • Tiger’s Eye helps stabilize the root chakra and wounds around it.
  • It gives the user the courage to express their most creative and authentic self.
  • Rhodonite clears away and heals emotional scars from the past.
  • It brings the user closer to their highest self.
  • Sunstone makes the user tap into their inner leader and augments leadership qualities.
  • It also brings emotional stability and unleashes creativity.
  • Tourmaline protects the user from negative energies.
  • It is a healing and a grounding stone.


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