Father Son Set

This bracelet is a perfect gift for a father-son duo for it brings courage and inner peace into their lives. With lava stone at its helm, the bracelet strengthens communication by infusing more understanding into this precious relationship. It also provides stability and grounding to the spirit. Sodalite further enhances the connection and encourages truthfulness and honesty to cultivate at the core of it. The Tiger’s Eye heightens confidence and alleviates any anxiety brewing within the relationship. It’s a beautiful set for those looking to foster an incredible bond with their fathers and/or sons.


  • Meant for having a rewarding father-son relationship
  • Lava stone brings efficacy in communication.
  • Sodalite provides strength to uncover inner truths and beliefs.
  • Tiger’s Eye wards off negative and evil energy surrounding the connection.
  • It also enhances the wealth and vitality within the relationship.


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