The Heart of the Forest

The “Heart of the Forest” is a special and unique mala aimed at giving the user abundance in love, relationships, and wealth alike. Infused with powerful crystals like green quartz, which is peculiar for removing blockages in the heart chakra and imbuing healing energy, this mala is an ideal guide for anyone who is looking to have more doting relationships, with themselves or others. The mala also comes with hair quartz which amplifies and realigns the user with spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. It is, indeed, “the stone of harmony” and brings positive energy in romantic relationships. More self-healing, balance, and inner peace are brought in by the stellar moonstone all the while the Tiger’s Eye showers the user with abundance, prosperity, and self-confidence. 


  • This mala is for anyone looking to bring more love in personal relationships.
  • Green Quartz is a known crystal used to invite love and peace in relationships.
  • It opens the heart chakra of the user.
  • Hair quartz promotes healthy relationships.
  • Moonstone makes the user fearless and restores balance in romantic relationships.
  • Tiger’s Eye cultivates richness of wealth and knowledge.


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