Throat Chakra Bracelet

For those finding it difficult to articulate their thoughts and are abound with incessant securities. For those who feel timid and struggle to make solid decisions, this “Throat Chakra Bracelet” is for you. The amazonite in the bracelet has a soothing effect which eases communication. Aquamarine is helpful in restoring balance in mental and emotional states. Azurite-malachite dispels vanity and conceit and helps the user to align with their inner truth. By purging negative thoughts and giving expression to emotions, lapiz lazuli is very well known as a throat chakra balancer. Larimar, sodalite, and turquoise stimulate the throat chakra and infuses loving energies within oneself. 


  • Throat chakra bracelet is for clearing up blockages in the throat chakra 
  • To overcome conversation issues, larimar and sodalite strengthen the throat chakra 
  • Lapiz lazuli is an auric cleanser that liberates the user from self-imposed restrictions.
  • Turquoise boosts understanding with other people.
  • Azurite-malachite stimulates creativity and brings truth to light. 
  • Amazonite is known for its tranquillizing properties.


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