Hope Peace & Prosperity – set of 3

This bracelet is amazingly packed to give the user the best of three worlds of hope, peace, and prosperity. With Amazonite, it abounds the suer with optimism and hope and endows them with soothing energy. With Adventurine, prosperity flows cosmically and immensely. Howlite is known for its calming effect and allays fears and negative energies. The three stones, combined, give an overall sense of control and sanguiness to the user. 


  • Meant for people looking to bring more clarity, cheer, and wealth to their lives
  • Contributes to the comprehensive welfare of the individual.
  • Amazonite has tranquilizing effects on the user.
  • Adventurine showers the user with success and affluence.
  • Howlite offers an all-inclusive calm to the user.


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