Kickstart Your Manifestation With Nov ’22 New Moon

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It’s time to wash away the heaviness and inward curiosity that the Eclipse season brought in. It’s time to get back to the manifestation game with the upcoming New Moon which graces the skies of the fiery, free-spirited Sagittarius. 

The universe’s fresh slate is lit back on a spiritual fire with this new moon, as it gives the much-needed kick to the drudgery that had settled with the Eclipses. So, buckle up, people! It’s gonna be amazing! 

The spiritual significance of the New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moons give you the astrological push to embrace the freshness in the air in terms of new beginnings. The lunation is especially potent in setting new intentions and zeroing in on what you really want. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius in particular is more auspicious because it enlivens the skies just after the drudgery of the Eclipse season. Beautifying the experience is the occurrence coinciding with that of Mercury and Venus. So, expect communications, that too around romance and love. 

Besides, the lunation in the sign of the Archer calls you to take bold risks towards the things that you deeply desire. The Archer is spontaneous and has a fiery will to chase down goals. So, be prepared to take spontaneous yet cosmically inspired actions toward your dreams and goals. 

Again, we can witness a potent astrological uplift with the New Moon making a trine with the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter. So, my pro tip will be to unleash your inner adventurer and let it lead your intuition for now. 


How to make the most of the new moon energy? 

This lunation is blazing with energy, light, and hope especially after the dark hours of the eclipse. So, a new moon ritual is more than warranted to reclaim that moon magic for yourself and your manifestation. 

A general rule of thumb would be to set up a new moon ritual (you can read a blog here about how to do one) and then hunker down on the energy by lighting some candles that induce freshness and using themed crystals to narrow down on your desires. But most of all, just being open-minded and adopting practices that align with your intuition is a great way to harness the energy as well.

(If it calls to you, you can sign up for our new moon ritual where you can set intentions and manifest by the moon with a soulful tribe of your own. Book your seat now).

Intention-amplifying crystals for this new moon

I mentioned that meditating with themed crystals is a great way to pencil in your goals and go after them. Here are some crystals that are aligned with the cosmic climate of the moment, when the New Moon occurs graciously in the sign of Sagittarius. 

1. Lapiz Lazuli

 LAPIS LAZULI promotes wisdom, intuition, and truth. It is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self. The crystal properties are known for opening the third eye chakra, the center of intuition and inner wisdom.

lapis lazuli

2. Citrine

Citrine augurs very well with the Sag Szn, as it is a stone of optimism. Its sunny tincture brings positivity and an overall healthy outlook toward life and its myriad issues.


3. Rhodonite 

Rhodonite balances yin-yang energies and nurtures the heart chakra. It heals our deepest wounds and brings compassion. It soothes anxiety and depression, balances heightened emotions and brings confidence. So, if you feel like you’ve picked the short stick this eclipse season, I daresay, rhodonite has got your back.

rhodonite crystal

4. Smokey Quartz

Smoky quartz is known for its ability to protect by detoxing the mind, body, and soul of negative energy. It promotes self-reflection and calls our manifestations to our lives. It soothes anxiety and depression while bringing stability and healing.


Hey, if you want all of them bound in a graciously tied thread, our New Moon in Sagittarius bracelet is your go-to. Not only is it a great tool to amplify your intentions for the new moon, but it’s also an amazing must-have for your everyday practice as well. Talk about sorting your Sag szn, am I right?

I hope this blog answered your curiosity and gave you some practical tips to walk away with to practice this new moon. 


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