Lions Gate and 5 Ways to harness the magical Energy


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What is the Lion’s Gate Portal? When is it opening?

Significance of the spiritual Marvel of Lion’s Gate and 5 Ways to harness the magical energy

The 8/8 or the 8th of August, is a universal wonder; not just in the astronomical realm, but also in the astrological and numerological realm. A cosmic event spanning such a wide spectrum is bound to emanate enchanting energies.

Wondering what exactly Lion’s Gate brings to the table? Are you amped up to acquire some of it to boost your manifestation rituals?

Keep on reading!


The meaning and history of the “Lions Gate Portal”.

A portal is a door, a gateway to lead you into somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or places you’ve never been. The Lion’s Gate Portal opens on the 8th of August every year when there is a cosmic alignment of the star Sirius, constellation Orion’s Belt, and our beloved Earth.

As the name suggests, it harnesses the energy of the Leo Season (because the Sun’s in Leo during August, it’s no surprise we used Sunstone in our Leo bracelet too), offering you a headway to realize your manifestations.

Sirius has been traditionally revered in certain ancient cultures, especially in Egypt where the star was worshipped as Goddess Sopdet. Known to the Greeks as Sothis, and later on throughout the Middle Kingdom, she was linked to other gods and goddesses.  Sopdet seemed to be conflated with Isis as a goddess and Anubis as a god. In the Pyramid Texts, mirroring the story of Osiris and Isis the pharaoh was believed to have had a child with Sopdet:

“Your sister Isis comes to you rejoicing for love of you. You have placed her on your phallus and your seed issues into her, she being ready as Sopdet, and Horus-Soped has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sopdet.” — Sopdet in the Pyramid Texts


Going back to the 1st Dynasty, Sopdet was known as ‘the bringer of the new year and the Nile flood’. When Sirius appeared in the sky each year, the Nile generally started to flood, bringing fertility to the land. 

Hence, it makes total sense that the star is incredibly potent in aiding our manifestations practices and bringing abundance to everyone.

The Astrology Of The Number “8”

The number 8 has bearings in the houses and signs of the zodiac. The eighth house and the eighth sign of the zodiac correspond to Scorpio – the passionate and powerful water sign. In a classic tarot deck, the number 8 is representative of the “Strength” card. The card is peculiar because it showcases a woman having conversations with a lion. The symbol of infinite adorns the top of the card, which is basically the 8 in horizontal. 

If this powerful illustration doesn’t evoke strength (And courage!), I think very few things in the world will.

The Numerology Of The Number “8”

In the territory of numerology, 8 is dynamic. It represents a bridge between the spiritual and the material spheres. It shows power, wealth, and auspiciousness. It also symbolizes the well-known “Infinity” knot of Celtic origins. 

Furthermore, the folks with life path number 8 are believed to be the masters of integration of the psychical and physical. It’s, therefore, no wonder that 8 is “Strength” and 8 is always symbolic of achievements and goals.

5 Ways To Channel The Energy To Aid Manifestations

1. Let your inner Leo shine. 

Yes, you heard it right. No, you don’t have to be a Leo. -Nurture your Leo placements (if you have them) and take notice of where they are in your birth chart. 

You just have to deliberately indulge in activities that power up every dimension that the zodiac stands for. Intentionally pick and choose to do stuff that amplifies your confidence, natural charisma, generosity, and creativity. Anything that you do now in this direction would inevitably make you tap into the surrounding strong Leo vibes. 

2. Lean into love.

The Lions Gate opens your heart, far and deep. So, do things that evoke joy in you. Spruce up your daily routine with soul-pleasing, self-caring, heart-soothing activities. Make sure you embrace this expansion by allowing yourself moments of fun, before and during the event.

3. Gear up for massive shifts. 

Truly analyze how you stand in your power and assert it. Look into the areas where you let your fears run timidity wild. Call in more power for yourself and your goals and desires. Harness the infinity of 8 to expand your potential beyond your conceived limits. Believe that you’ll get there wherever your heart desires. The universe is infinite and so is your energy. Your desires are your birthright! So claim them!

4. Perk up your spiritual side. 

What makes your spiritual side come to the forefront? What is it that makes you connected to

Source? You ARE Source Energy so OWN it! M Ensure, with all your heart, to incorporate those exercises for the day. Yoga, meditation, art, music – whatever it is, just get into the flow. 

5. Give gratitude. 

For all things that have worked and will work for you. For every time you’ve honored the cosmic force that IS you. After all, showing love to the universe always has hefty returns.

Final Takeaway: 

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an amazingly intentional time for you to link with the universe that resides within you. The 8/8 Lions Gate Portal honors just that – it makes manifestations grander and brings you closer to inner and universal love and light.

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    I am so grateful to have been introduced to you. My life is changing and it is because of what I am learning from you and Tom.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

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