The Spiritual Truth Of The Beaver Blood Moon 2022


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With a new month comes a new cosmic intrigue. Occurring on Tuesday, November 8th is another full moon of 2022, but this one is special. The Full Moon (aka the Beaver Moon) also marks the fag-end of the emotionally charging and powerful eclipse season. Read along to find out the true spiritual meaning of the Beaver Blood Moon and a spiritual toolkit to aid your full moon practices and routines.


What is the “Beaver” Full Moon?

The full moon of November is popularly called the “beaver moon” or the “frost moon”. Both of the names hold significance considering the Native American culture. Under the light of this full moon, the beavers build their dams and the hunters laid traps for them to harvest their fur – hence, the name “Beaver”. It is also the time of the first hard “frost” and hence, it is also deemed as the “frost moon”, the Farmer’s Almanac notes.


Why is the Beaver Full Moon special?

This November, on the 8th, the universe moves toward a cosmic trance with Beaver Full Moon eclipsing as a Total Lunar Eclipse. We’re gifted this spectacle through the linear alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. What’s more amazing is that the darkest part of earth’s shadow, the umbra, will fully cover the moon this time. Thus, giving La Luna a reddish look. Hence, the name “Blood” name.


Blood Moon: Spiritual Meaning

Usually, the Full Moons are about releases, purges, and manifestations. The Full Moon of November 2022 occurs in the fixed sign of Taurus, which represents stability and security. Full Moons highlights the deepest emotions that remain stashed under layers of insecurities. The Beaver Blood Moon is potent in not only bringing out these emotions but also clearing the path for its obliteration. This is bound to bring up some discomfort because confronting our true emotions is always tough.


Your Toolkit For The Beaver Blood Moon 2022

While lunations hold different levels of significance and effect on different people, the general vibes around them are similarly felt. Specially eclipses hold supreme power and allow you to peer within. The Taurus energy implores us to let go of everything that holds us back from creating a comfortable life. Since the full moons ask us to release, it’s nice to clear out clogged spaces, physically and emotionally. This may look like organizing shelves, cleaning your workspace, etc. To aid your emotional purge, here are some journal prompts for you to dive into:

What is the one thing you think is holding you back financially?

Is it easy or tough for you to let it go? Why?

What does comfort look like to you? Be as descriptive as you can.

What is the one thing you can do immediately to bring you closer to that comfort?



A moment of chaos always paves way for an opportunity to mindfully ground oneself. Every supposed ending always brings you closer to where you need to be. I hope these tips helped you in navigating your purge of this full moon.


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