Five practices to make the most out of THE NEW MOON Ritual

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We’re all cosmic beings. Every tiny occurrence of any galactic scale has ripple effects on us- something that can both align us or leave us with the worst aftertaste. We’re graced with one such path-altering event every 28 days or so. The universe offers us a clean slate; a crisp, blank paper to script our future. Freshness is imbued and a universal bloom makes us wonder about our journey, the pits in the road, and our end goals. Yes, we’re talking about the new moon. Since energies tend to go askew and amplify more than what is normally observed under the usual skies, we’ve created a ritual of five practices for you to assist you, in the coming new moons.


We’re always moving forward with our eyes on the prize. But more often than not, we end up in a round-about, tiring, and stressful journey by losing focus on what we truly needed at that time. Isn’t it wonderful that the universe, each month, sprinkles its freshness on you, as it undergoes a skin-shedding itself? So, make the most of it. Light a candle, lay your crystals, sit down and analyze what is and isn’t working for you. Brain dump on your favorite journal. And then, be specific, be audacious and bold to announce to the universe your true desires. Write it down or speak it aloud, whatever works for you and whichever makes you feel aligned to your vision.


It is the time to write, irrespective of whether you chose to speak or write on the previous steps. With clarity in your aspirations, brainstorm ideas that bring you closer to your goal. You can also make a list of all the required tasks you’d need to do to achieve the desired result. Jot down everything that comes to your mind. Easy, right? Just keep in mind that the most important thing is that you must align your energy & intuition to take whatever that step might be.


Now that you’ve narrowed down your goals and laid out your plan, it’s time to take a step in the direction to literally show the universe that you believe in yourself and your intention. Whatever it is that you’ve drilled down on (for example, a job), take the first call to action (texting a senior on LinkedIn about the job role you’re interested in). It is that simple – just take the leap and then work around it.


The universe rewards your feelings and you cannot possibly achieve something without at least feeling good about it. The best way to enter the high-vibrational energy space is to perform an act of self-love, tailored to your love language. You can write affirmations of love and strength to sail you through the next 28 days. Or you could bake a cake to celebrate the completion of your goal. Anything to show the universe, but most importantly yourself, that you love yourself enough to see yourself through the uncertainty.


There is no set path to feeling good, cultivating self-belief, to observe rituals for any event. The universe has space for us all, and most certainly, it offers you the grace of making your custom concoction for a new moon. Anything that feels right to you, is the right way to go.

For anyone yearning to put the knowledge to action, you don’t have to wait for long. The next new moon is in a week – On July 27th, Wednesday. If you feel called to take some inspired action towards your goals and you’re committed to the process, Jupiter Meridian offers a NEW MOON RITUAL EVENT every month with energy healer Janette O’Neill Burns. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded souls, who are eager, willing, and certainly ready to manifest, by harnessing the power of the new moon. Besides, you can do all of this, in the comfort of your home, indulging in your own sacred space. If this sparks your curiosity and interest, attend the next new moon ritual by clicking here.

After all, these gentle signs the Universe sends us to come in many different ways, but it’s about being in alignment whether or not you see them and take action.



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